Issue #9

With sixty minutes of hyperactive, high-resolution animation, we've created a MONOPOLY CD-ROM game that could impress even Rich Uncle Pennybags! Remember your favorite tokens? They're back, and they're feisty. The Battleship sails around the board gracefully, even submerging at times with only a periscope to mark its position. The Race Car skids around the board in a reckless fashion, occasionally even driving off the edge! Houses and hotels fall from the sky as if dropped from a plane, and the "Go To Jail" space is more of a hazard than ever, as it literally catapults you across the board and into the slammer. Of course, Rich Uncle Pennybags is still king of the world, peeling himself off the board to roll your dice as needed.

Of course, what would the world's biggest parlor game be without opponents? You can have up to six players, and not everyone has to be in the same room. That's 'cause we put MONOPOLY on the almighty Internet! Want to play (or make) friends in Germany, England, France? You can, and in a language everyone can understand. Whether the last space on your board is called Boardwalk, Mayfair, Rue de la Paix, or Schlossalle, our CD-ROM plays your way. Want to meet potential tycoons from foreign lands? Visit Westwood Studio's Internet Chat Room, where the world has become united through greed! All it takes to achieve true simpatico is an Internet account. MONOPOLY is the first game in history that has transcended language and culture - could our CD-ROM do any less?
If you're not in the mood to be a diplomat, you can try a computer opponent, or customize your own. How about an electronic foe that initiates trades, rolls its own dice, and takes time to think about its actions? And you can lay down your own law. Everyone has a favorite house rule for playing MONOPOLY. For the first time on any computer version of the classic, nearly every rule can be bent or broken with just a click of the mouse. Remember the "Free Parking" kitty? It's available. Want to collect $400 instead of $200 when you land on "GO"? Do it. Fell like enabling six-way trades, taking rights and privileges away from jailed players, eliminating auctions, or selling off special favors? Go right ahead. Of course, you may choose to play by the book (we can respect that). We went all - out - superb playability, visuals that push the envelope, wacky sounds, jazzy music... and by the way, MONOPOLY CD-ROM will run beautifully on Windows 3.1 or Win'95! What else could you possibly ask for? Oh, yeah. You're right. Cheating would be a nice touch, would it not? Well, guess what? You can! With just another click of the mouse.

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