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11/10/2010 - OpenRA Release, Reinforcementz II Assistance Mod Update, Mental Omega 3.3 Release Approaching, C&C Stargate Mod Release.


What was once broken, let ye be fixed!

26-06-2016 | 01:46 AM | 3 Comments

Well it's been quite a while hasn't it!

As you've no doubt noticed, this website has been dormant for quite some time. This is simply because my interest in Command & Conquer has waned following the closure of the RTS studio at EA in Los Angeles. The cancellation of Generals 2 was really the final nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned.

The observant amongst you might have noticed I closed my other project - - back in December 2014, due in part to lacking the interest to keep the backend software which ran the site up to date and secure. However I did not want the same fate to befall, so finding myself with some free time and a desire to tinker, I'm pleased to advise that the site is now operational once more!

The maintenance I have performed is as follows:
  • The layout is fixed
  • The navigation links are fixed
  • Forums updated to latest version
  • Appropriate colour scheme applied to forum
  • Forums cleared of a large amount of spam
  • Automated anti-spam measures applied to forum
  • Photo Gallery updated to latest version
  • Poll updated to latest version
  • Download management system replaced

I'm sure you'll agree that things are looking and working much better than before! Unfortunately the download management system I was previously using is no longer in production and so had to be retired. With no easy way to import the data from the old system, at present the download section is looking rather sparse. I've managed to manually import everything into an Unsorted category where it will become a job for another day.

See you in another 3 years, or maybe sooner if a new C&C game is released!

New C&C Screenshot

11-02-2013 | 07:39 PM | 0 Comments

To mark the 10th anniversary of the C&C Generals release, EA_CIRE has given each C&C community fan site a sliver of an exclusive HD screenshot of the new C&C game.

Here is our section (click for full size), can you piece them all together?

Is you piece all the parts together, be sure to click the "Comments" link below and post the completed version for all to see.

Mid Month Yuri Madness

06-11-2012 | 11:41 PM | 0 Comments

Starting on November 15th 2012, XWIS (the official online service for classic C&C games) is inviting all players to "invade" the XWIS servers and play in what is being billed "MID MONTH YURI MADNESS" and there are prizes to be won!

Here's the blurb:
YURI MADNESS is a chance to reunite with some of your C&C buddies online, and play some 3 vs 3’s, or 2 vs 2’s (for fun) and WIN PRIZES JUST FOR PLAYING AND TAKING PART! The fun starts soon but in the meantime, dust off your CD’s, reinstall the game, get practising, get your clans organised and tell all of your buddies!
Full details can be found at this link!

The Ultimate Collection Giveaway

21-10-2012 | 07:08 PM | 2 Comments

To celebrate the release of C&C The Ultimate Collection (see previous post) we have four free copies to give away courtesy of EA - they're in the form of digital download codes for use with EA's Origin system.

The first four people to Like CnCWorld on Facebook and comment on my giveaway wall post will win. That's all there is to it!

C&C - The Ultimate Collection Released

31-08-2012 | 06:01 PM | 1 Comment

The Command and Conquer series is 17 years old and to celebrate EA are releasing a Origin-enabled download-only compilation featuring all 17 games updated for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It's being called Command & Conquer - The Ultimate Collection.

It also includes a CD soundtrack and poster as well as 'early access' to the next C&C game. Here's hoping they do a better job with this than they did with The First Decade

Generals 2 to feature no Campaign!

21-08-2012 | 10:27 PM | 1 Comment

That's right; C&C: Generals 2 will not feature a Singleplayer campaign at launch. This frankly insulting revelation was made in an interview at PC Gamer in which lead developer John Van Caneghem said:
[We] Really want to get back to the roots of what made Command & Conquer great. Generals 2 will let us harvest and throw up bases in order to build a zillion units and go out and kill all the bad guys
JVC seems to have completely overlooked the rich fiction surrounding the C&C universes expertly told in singleplayer campaigns through out beloved FMVs. Whatever Singleplayer is added will no doubt be a chargeable addon released at a later date.

Once I got over the shock of this glaring release announcement I suppose I'm not so surprised given EA management's insistence on releasing C&C4 with a campaign so lacking in direction it seemed like a mere afterthought - it seems that they're going the whole hog in Generals 2 and getting rid of it entirely.

Given EA's atrocious record of giving the developers the resources to support C&C games post-launch you'll forgive my scepticism when I don't believe half this will materialise. Does anyone remember the promised Generals Ladder Kits, the Red Alert 3 match-making website or the website-to-game messaging services that never materialised?

This comes as a disappointment to me following the release of the beautiful Gamescom trailer last week:

< /rant over>

german fansite going down

01-07-2012 | 07:51 AM | 0 Comments

German's fansite will be shutting down together with Youtube, Facebook and GamesStrike.

Message as quotes:

Hiermit geben wir offiziell bekannt, dass das Forum und alle Seiten geschlossen worden sind. Facebook Seiten und Co. folgen in den kommenden Tagen.
By translation it means

"We hereby officially announce that the forum and the site have been closed. Facebook pages etc. will close in the days to come."

Renegade X Singleplayer Campaign Released!

31-01-2012 | 12:09 AM | 0 Comments

Renegade X, whilst not strictly a C&C mod, is a free, standalone game which sees Renegade brought to life using the Unreal engine. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful title related to C&C yet to be made and the multiplayer releases of the highest quality.

But today, celebrating the 5th anniversary of the game, the single-player campaign has been released! This demonstration is complete with a short 10-part campaign, custom cinematics and fantastic gameplay. It will be an opportunity for you to get used to all the weapons, vehicles, characters, and changes before the upcoming multiplayer release.
Operation Black Dawn takes place on a small island in the Black Sea. The island has been turn into a fortress belonging to the Brotherhood of Nod, an international terrorist organization.

Satellite images show that the island is heavily defended: automated turrets lie on all shores, and troop patrols roam the island day and night. Although it is unclear if Nod forces have access to sophisticated anti-aircraft batteries, there are large forests stretching across the island which obstruct the view of satellites.

Hence, the objective of "Operation Black Dawn" is to destroy the Nod base and recover the scientists. Two GDI battalions have been dispatched to deploy on the southern and eastern shores of the island. The battalion to the east is to distract Nod forces, while a commando team attacks the southern beachhead, flanks the enemy and infiltrates the Nod base with air and ground support.

I think you will agree this is a thing of beauty and well worth 3.89GB of your time. At the time of writing the traditional download sources are overloaded but the BitTorrent distribution is performing admirably, ironic, with all the current legislation being discussed.

For more information and the download/torrent links visit the Renegade X website.

Generals 2 anticipated as game of the year

15-01-2012 | 01:00 PM | 0 Comments

As you know, Voodoo Extreme is hosting a poll on the most anticipated game of the year. We ned you C&C Fans to vote and make sure it wins and make our C&C community proud.

So what are you waiting for? go here to vote and make C&C a world recognized game.

MidEast Crisis 2 Released

20-12-2011 | 11:28 PM | 0 Comments

The time if finally upon us, one of C&C3's most unique Total Conversions - MidEast Crisis 2 - has been released! MEC2's gameplay focuses on Occupation Warfare in which players are encouraged to not only capture parts of the map, but to put the map to use. Low on fuel? Capture a gas station. Need money? Hold key positions on the map with units.

Click the image above to download, it weighs in at 132MB but is well worth your time.


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