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The CnCWorld Caption Contest was a celebration marking the 10th anniversary of Command & Conquer which was released back in August/September 1995. For more information on the anniversary click here. All you had to do was come up with an amusing caption for each photo! These are some of the prizes that were up for grabs:

  • Star Prize: Frank Klepacki's back-catalogue!
  • C&C Red Strikes (RA2+YR) signed by the entire dev team!
  • Signed RA2 collectors editions!
  • Other goodies including mouse mats, strategy guides, figurines.....

Thanks to all those who entered and congratulations to the winners, the captions can be found below each picture.

Overall winner: Brent Church aka. donkeysho

Ram´┐Żn "raminator" Hebestreit - Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, England, England!

Haritha Gnanaratna "Snake[CDN]" - Couch. Slowly.. least.....still have....Bon Jovi.....album..........

Mad Ivan - He who commands the pirates, conquers the islands...

Brent Church aka. donkeysho - Pull my finger

Brandon \'Kicken\' Rice - And in this picture, you can clearly see how patch is not holding his elbows straight in his golf swing. A common mistake.

Jon (Rusty Le Cyborg) - Nooooo!!!! When I said blow NOD to Hell - I meant use C4!!!




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