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Easter Egg - Dinosaur Missions

As an easter egg mocking Jurassic Park, Westwood Studios put in some dinosaur missions. You can play as either GDI or Nod, and will still get the same missions, and maps, just the units you have access to will vary a little. (On the last level you have command of an army of dinosaurs) and (I always play on GDI because their helicopters are better suited to killing the dinos) To get to play these missions, simply go into DOS, and type the directory that Command and Conquer is in. If you run your game on DOS, after you type the directory name put in c&c funpark.

EG. D:\Games\Westwood\Ccdawn\c&c funpark
If you run on Windows 95, than do the same, but type in c&c95 funpark EX.
D:\Games\Westwood\Ccdawn\c&c95 funpark
The names you have on your directories may be different from the ones I have on mine, so give DOS your commands accordingly.

Mission 1
Take your men and head east. You should get two more recon bikes as reinforcements. Take your troops north. You should encounter a triceratops. Continue, going northwest, and cross the bridge. Kill the T- rex in the village. After that, go east, and kill the stegasauros.
Mission accomplished.

Mission 2
Put your men in the helo and go west across the river. Kill the dinosaur from across the rocks, he only has a little life left. Now put you men back in the helo, and fly south. You should find you base.
Build four tanks, and clear what you can on your side of the river. Now, send 1 commando across the North/South river and use him as a forward air controller for your helicopters, which you should send in to finish the job.

Mission 3
Get your units in a good defensive layout. Flame throwers scattered around the perimeter, grenadiers behind them. Have your vehicles all in a row, and keep your rocket soldiers behind them. Well, that's how I do it. Now, take a Nod-buggy and investigate the woods to the north. As soon as you see a dinosaur, run the buggy back to protection. The Dino(S) will chase, and you can make short work of them.

After you are finished doing this with the north woods, you will get reinforcements. Do the same to the southeastern woods, to get more reinforcements. Lastly, Kill the T- rex hiding out in the northeastern corner.

Mission 4
Build your base and instead of guard towers or turrets, build tanks for defenses as individual dinosaurs are not terribly great against them (Still a threat, believe me). Use your Humm-vees as a forward air controllers, and pound away on the dinos with helicopters.

Mission 5
This time, you are the dinosaurs. Scout out the area with velociraptors. Kill any troops you see and watch out for stealth tanks. When you are good and ready, attack their base. The best place is the northeastern corner of it, as it is right by the power plants and you can send in a second group from the bridge without having to worry about the obelisks. Don't worry too much about losing your critters, you get reinforcements in a pretty steady stream after you start attacking the base.




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