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GDI - Mission 2 'Hell's Fury'

Nod is attempting to rebuild their temple with its nuclear missile. Establish a base and wait for contact with Agent Delphi. He will show you the best way into their base. Use everything at your disposal to stop The Brotherhood.

Take your men and attack the Nod base to your east. You should have no trouble except for flame throwers which will come out of the Hand of Nod. When you have control of the base some reinforcements will arrive.

Take your Humm-vee and scout out the area. Build up your base. Barricade the entrance until you have sufficient defenses, Nod will send down 3 recon-bikes about every 30 seconds...really. Before this a helo should arrive. Load it up with men and go to the flare. Do this several times if you can. Hurry, Nod will build some SAMS. Go East. Take out the gun turrets and the wall. Blow up the power plants and destroy anymore that are built.

Go south and take out the temple. Now you should attack the Nod base on the northwest side. Their Obelisks will not have any power. Then go for the base in the middle. Kill Everything. If your helo gets shot down, attack the Northeast base and then follow the northern path. Continue from where you would if you inserted men by Helo.




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