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GDI - Mission 3 'Infiltrated'

Infiltration! Nod has breached our base in Eastern Sudan and had begun taking it over. Re-capture the base and reestablish our military dominance in the area.

The start is a major challenge. Build a new barracks. Capture all your buildings back. If Nod has your refinery for long enough they will build a turret in the middle of you base. Build some advanced guard towers, I built four.

When the Noddies come, THEY COME. Build another refinery, and some orcas to help fend off incoming attacks. By now you should have scouted out the area. Their base in in the northwest corner. Kill off their harvesters with your orcas, six should do the job. Use orcas in tandem with the ion canon to destroy the SAM sites. Then take a bunch of tanks and "Eliminate enemy presence."




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