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GDI - Mission 5 'Ground Zero'

Nod has launched a missile which is aimed at the global peace conference. Get the delegates from the conference to the Evac. point as quickly as possible. Time is critical - Good luck.

You will see some Nod soldiers attacking houses, west and south of where you are. Kill the soldiers to your west, the get the flamethrowers to your south. You will encounter other Nod infantry on your way to kill them. You should get some infantry and then a medium tank as reinforcements. Head north, back past where you started. You will encounter some more infantry. Kill them. Stay as far east as you can while heading north, and you will be going the right way. You will have to head west soon. Have your medium tank in lead because soon you will see a flame tank.

Head north, if you go west you will be stuck in a dead end. You should have to go through a large tiberium patch, guarded by a Nod buggy. After you have dealt with the buggy, keep your men north so they have to walk through as little tiberium as possible. On the other side you should see a village. In the village there will be a lab and by it a fence with diplomats trapped in it. Blow up the fence and take the diplomats, heading south. Soon the place will get nuked and you will be able to pick up some survivors. You will encounter some more infantry. If you kill them, you may get a Humm-vee and 3 rocket soldiers as reinforcements, where the mission started.

Nod should have two flame tanks show up in the village, too. Kill these with you medium tank and rocket soldiers. Go south and west, eventually you will see a flare. You will encounter some infantry, a light tank, and a flame tank. If your medium tank is dead by now then send the humm-vee in first, and the flame tank will chase it. Since it is so fast, direct the humm-vee to where you started and you will never have to worry about the flame tank again as it is slower then the humm-vee.

Now continue. You may encounter some more Nod forces, but you should be able to make short work of them. Get at least one diplomat to where the flare is/was and a helo will come.
Put the diplomat in, and, mission accomplished.




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