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GDI - Mission 6 'Twist of Fate'

We have set up a small recon post in Nod territory, but they captured and reinforced it. Getting that post back would be a major coup. An MCV and armed convoy are on their way to aid you in establishing a new base. Once established, eliminate all Nod forces in the area.

A lot depends on the beginning. Try to take out the enemy units that are armored or have anti-air capability. Use your orcas to finish off what ever Noddy units are left. If you don't kill enough units, your MCV will be killed as it drives down. It will, however almost always take some damage.

Bring the MCV to the flare and set up your base. Build some advanced guard towers and use your APC as bait to bring the enemy apaches into range of your AGT. Take the enemy base in the middle of the map first, and then the small outpost in the northwest. Build a refinery or two as there is a huge deposit of tiberium up there.

You can try a frontal assault on the base in the southwest corner but I beat this level by sandbagging a lot of AGTs into their base after I kept blowing up their harvesters so that they were broke. I also sent minigunners way up north so air strikes would be diverted against them.




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