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GDI - Mission 7 'Blindsided'

Use your commando to establish control on our side of the river. We will send some help when all SAM sites are taken out. Than send your forces across the river and attack from the Nod from the rear. Destroy them all, they wont be surprised for long, so act quickly.

There may be a better was to do this, but I dont know it, so, here goes. Kill the infantry coming at you. Go west. Take out the Turret gun, all the surrounding infantry, and then the SAM sites. A Helo with 5 engineers will arrive. Capture 1 power plant, the hand of nod, the comms center and the airstrip. Make sure you have 1 engineer remaining. Build minigunners until you're broke, you should have about 20 or so. Blow up the two other power plants than kill the incoming infantry with your commando.

Now go East and into the enemy base, use all your minigunners to take out the obelisk, turret guns, and SAM sites. Make sure not to touch the harvester or have your men run over by it. Bring you remaining engineer over and capture the refinery while the harvester is dumping tiberium. Now start pumping engineers out of your hand of nod and capture the rest of the base. If you want to, take out the enemy construction yards, with an air strike. They are in the northeast and west corners, I have heard they don't start building tanks until you cross the river, so weaken their bases while you can.

Keep your commando at your base in the south, a helo of enemy flamethrowers and commandos will come. So will a chinook on your side. Take your engineers across and capture the base where the flare is. Watch out for the vehicles waiting by the water. Build sufficient defenses (I built 10 turret guns, all in one gun battery) and attack the enemy bases. The one in the northeast is weaker, so deal with it first.




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