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Nod - Mission 2 'Deceit'

GDI has attacked and cut off one of our bases. Find a way into the base. One of our agents will assist you by placing a flare at the right time. Once you are in, rebuild the base and destroy the GDI forces in the area.

You will see GDI soldiers attacking a village to the south. Ignore them. Kill enemy infantry. Head northwest. If you see any enemy comms centers blow them up with your commando. Cross the bridge, kill any infantry you see. Get the crate of money and wait, a helicopter will land.

Capture it with the engineer. Put your commandos in and head west and a little south. You want to end up along the western edge, in about the middle. You can let your commandos out to reconnoiter. You should be in your base. An old, damaged nod base, that is cut off by guard towers is there. Use your apache to attack units holding you under siege. Put a commando in the helo and fly him to the southern village. Get the crate that was in the church in the village it has more money.

Build a refinery, and hand of nod. Build some rocket soldiers and attack the guard towers from out of their range. Let the harvester harvest north of your base and build some turrets. Once your base is ready take out the towers to the southern part of your base and build defenses. Use stealth tanks and your apache to destroy the normal guard towers that are scattered all over the level.
When you are good and ready get a whole lot of tanks and go in shooting.




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