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Nod - Mission 4 'Tiberium Strain'

A nearby GDI base is conducting further ion research. In doing so, they use a lot of chemicals, located in their bio centers. Destroy all the bio centers, and "Contaminate" all units and civilians. Leave all other structures intact so that it looks like an accident.

Get you flame tank to kill nearby infantry. Head south, into the village, where there are many civilians, some infantry, and a medium tank. Use your flame tanks against the medium tank, and when you destroy it another flame tank will arrive.

Double back north but don't cross the bridge you crossed on the way down. Instead head east and cross the other bridge. Follow the road. On another bridge you will find another medium tank. When you destroy it yet another flame tank will arrive. Continue along. You will see a comms center but ignore it, you are only to destroy certain buildings. You will come across another squad. Head north through the large tiberium patch. You infantry are immune to the effects of tiberium.

There is a back entrance to the base. Kill all the enemy units that will come out of it. (If you are low on units make enemy infantry chase you through the tiberium, they will eventually die) Then go into the base and destroy the three bio facilities, but nothing else.




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