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Nod - Mission 7 'Under Siege: C&C'

GDI had pinned us inside our own base and funds have run out. Reports have it that GDI is ready to send in air strikes to finish us off. The situation looks hopeless...

This, this is my most favorite mission on the Covert Ops disk. Repair what vehicles need it, than take your stealth tank exploring. In the south there is a village, when you blow up the church you get a money crate, and when you blow up the other buildings, minigunners will come out and go after the GDI units holding your base under siege. Also, sell your silos and if you wish temple or SAM sites. (I keep my SAMS because although they don't always do too much against incoming air strikes but GDI units have a fixation for killing them, allowing your units to attack their units which are, in turn, attacking your SAM sites.)

Use your stealth tank to harass the GDI harvester, when units come to investigate break off the attack, and then the investigating unit will come to you base where you can make short work of it. After all the northern units are gone the enemies holding you under siege will pour in fend them off, and then if you still have a temple nuke their base, and if you sold your temple, all you will need will be your stealth tank and ten or so minigunners to finish off their base. (With all the money from selling buildings and getting at the church, I built gun turrets and repaired damaged structures) I suppose you could build a refinery, but I never make much use of one when I play.

Anyway, after you have repulsed the attack, build minigunners, even if you have to sell other buildings to do so. With your stealth tank, blow a hole in the wall at the southwestern part of their base. Take their power plants first, then the construction yard and then the barracks and war factory.
Shoot at the guard towers with your stealth tank, just stay out of their range. Don't worry about the advanced guard towers, they have no power since you destroyed the power plants. Use your minigunners to destroy the rest of the base, and the stealth tank for the harvester.




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