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Nod - Mission 8 'Death Squad'

After our setback in Europe, our recovery effoers have been hindered by GDI's use of it's ion cannon. Now they have a relay in North Africa! We only have limited forces, but you must take out the advanced communications center or slowly Africa will begin to fall as well.

Reconnoiter with your stealth tanks. Than take a stealth tank to the east side of the enemy base and blow a hole in the northern section of the wall. Take the rest of your units to the northern lake. Look over their base with your stealth tank. The advanced communication center is just north of the sandbag wall and mammoth tank.

Use rocket soldiers and your light tank to kill the guard towers if you wish. Watch out for the enemy commando. Do your best to avoid enemy contact. Have your units go to the hole in the wall you made earlier. Fight your way north, Kill the mammoth tank and send your light tank past the sandbags first, as a diversion for the advanced guard tower, so you can use your commando to take out the Advanced Comm Center.
If you make too much of a fuss, the whole GDI base will come after you.




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