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GDI - Mission 2 'Party Crashers'

You start out with a pair of Titans, scattered infantry, and a well-fortified base near the central west side of the map. Immediately begin building Titans and send the two you begin with toward the southeast corner of the map to discover a civilian settlement. Once you have produced new Titans, send them to reinforce the pair already on the move.

Within minutes, the settlement in the southeast will come under fire from a new kind of Tiberium based life form--the Tiberium Floater. This life form will be accompanied by several Tiberium fiends--the bristly, green, dog-like beasties. The creatures will target structures first and then move on to the numerous civilians in the area. With the newly constructed Titans as back up, you should make quick work of the first assault.

Escort the surviving civilians with only one of your Titans to the Orca Transport Pad, located near the center of the map. Send the remainder of your mighty Titan army toward the northwest corner of the map, where you will discover yet another settlement. With the Titans you have in the northwest settlement, defend the civilians against another beastie assault. Escort the Civilians of the settlement to the Transport Pad, again with a single Titan.

The rest of your strike force should head toward the northeast corner of the map. Crush the next attack like you did the rest, sending damaged units back to base to be repaired. Escort the civilians to the Transport Pad and then high tail it to the city in the southwest corner of the map for the next attack.

You will be facing a force of Tiberium-based life forms much larger that you have dealt with before, including the presence of deadly Viceroids. Target the Fiends first, then the Viceroids, and lastly, the Floaters.

Once you have sent a Titan or two to escort the last batch of civilians to the Transport Pad, immediately fall back with all remaining forces to the relative safety of your base and buckle down. From every direction, including inside your base, expect a heavy assault from a mish-mash of Tiberium Fiends, Viceroids, and Floaters.

Protecting all unit-producing structures is your primary concern. About halfway through the battle, a sizable group of reinforcements will be Orca dropped in the center of your base.




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