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GDI - Mission 3 'Civilian Riots'

Load your Engineers into the APC and begin moving all of your vehicles toward the northeastern corner of the map, where you will find the first of the four rebel leaders. You are bound to come under fire from some surly rioters. One shot at each should send them off.

Just get one of your Riot Troops near the Riot Leader. Once the ex leader has been "neutralized," the next leader's location will be displayed for you. About that time, the GDI base containing several food and water processors will come under fire. Since the second Riot leader isn't going anywhere, send your units, once again led by the Riot Troops, to the GDI base. Meanwhile, use your sizable fortune of four hundred credits to repair any structure the rioter might attack.

Once the machinery is relatively safe, heal all of your Troopers with the Medic and unload your Engineers. Leave them and three of Riot Troopers at the base along with all of the EMP Tanks. Load the remaining Troopers into the APC and high tail it to the location of the second riot leader. Unload your Troopers, let them do their work, then move quickly to the location of the third riot leader.

Your base should come under heavy fire once again, this time the trouble accompanied by vehicles. Take care of the new rioters like you have in the past and bring your EMP Tank up to immobilize the vehicles as quickly as possible.

While your troops near the base are taking care of the angry mobs of civilians and vehicles, send your Troopers via the APC to the location of the third and fourth riot leaders. When you have take care of all rebel leaders with the farming machinery still intact and no rioters killed, the mission is a success.




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