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GDI - Mission 4 'In the Box'

Your first priority is to build up your base and base defenses. Construct Titans as your unit of choice--they are equally effective against vehicles and Cyborgs alike. Concentrate on putting a pair of VMG Towers at the north and west sides of your base to support your Titans in defense. Add to your tiny army about half a dozen Disk Throwers. Also be sure to pave your entire base.

When that supply of Tiberium begins to dwindle, your next source of income will be from a lucrative field to the north. Unfortunately, a pair of Rocket Infantry and the dreaded Cyborg Commando protects this field. Neutralize the Cyborg Commando with an EMP Tank and then wipe out the Commando and his two Rocket Infantry buddies with a group of Disk Throwers.

Once the coast is clear, send your Harvesters to the northern Tiberium Field and a small squad of three to four Titans to take out the bridge. Force your Titans to target the bridge. Once the bridge is down, Nod reinforcements will be cut in half.

Now, build a large group of Titans to both defend your base and to assault the heavy nod fortifications. Add to the Titans a pair of APC, one filled to the brim with Engineers. Construct a battle group of no less than twenty Titans before you storm up the ridge just northwest of your base. Take out the lasers at range, then move up to eliminate the Obelisk of Light and the assorted Artillery and Tick Tanks that are scattered about.

Once you have secured the area, move your APC with Engineers in to take over the Hand of Nod, Tiberium Refinery, and full Silo. Now move the empty APC and the Titans north until you reach a relatively large civilian settlement. You will come across a tall cylindrical building within the settlement that houses the Technicians you have heard so much about. Load the Technicians into the APC and send them to the safely of your base.

Meanwhile, build a small squad of five Jump Jet Infantry. Send them westward, toward the southwestern corner of the map. Have them annihilate any Cyborgs they come across, moving methodically to the west. You will eventually come to a small island in the extreme southwestern corner of the map. From here move northward until you come across the second of the two bridges supplying Nod reinforcements. Fill an APC with a few Disk Throwers and a pair of Engineers and send them to the bridge by way of the small island in the southwest corner.

Have your Disk Throwers target the western bridge until they destroy it. While they are attacking the bridge, send your Jump Jet Infantry slowly northward, keeping an eye open for concealed SAM Sites. You will come across another Nod base, complete with a fully functional Obelisk of Light. Your five JJIs should take care of this Obelisk in a few moments. Move on to target the nearby Advanced Power Plants, always looking out for lurking SAM Sites. Remove any other potential dangers, including Cyborgs and Tick Tanks. Be sure to leave the Radar Installation intact.

When the bridge is destroyed, load your wrecking crew, complete with Engineers, back into the APC, and take them northward once the JJIs have taken out all Nod defenses. Capture the Nod Radar Installation with an Engineer and then build a Barracks beside it. Follow this up with the construction of a War Factory and then build Titans and Disk Throwers to fortify the area. Once you have a group of five Titans, and as many Disk Throwers, move eastward where you will encounter several entrenched Tick Tanks and the first of three Laser Fence Arrays.

Destroy all defenses and punch a hole in the Concrete Wall behind the Laser Fence Array. When the area is secure, send the APC with the Laser Fence Technicians to the array, by way of the river to the west. Once the Technicians have arrived at the Array, send one in to deactivate the first tier of Nod Laser Fence Posts. The second array will be shown for you immediately.

Build another twenty Titans at your new northwest base and then move them slowly toward the second array, destroying Obelisks, Lasers, and Nod vehicles as you come across them. While this attack is going on, send your original Titan army station closer to your base, westward, dismantling Nod defenses as you go. Expect heavy losses.

Once you have secured the area around the second array, send in another Technician to deactivate the second tier of Laser Fence Posts. Combined the remnants of your two Titan armies near the second array and add a few reinforcements if your casualties were too high. Storm the Nod units and obliterate them, group firing on one Cyborg then another. Once you have secured the area, send in a third Technician to capture the final Array and deactivate the Laser Fence Posts protecting the CABAL core. With an engineer, you can capture CABAL and complete the mission.




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