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GDI - Mission 5 'Dogma Day Afternoon'

You begin with Ghost Stalker, a Medic, an Archeologist, and the new Juggernaut long-range artillery. As potent as the Juggernaut is, you will have little use for it in this mission. Take your other troops, led by Ghost Stalker, northward to the upper most edge of the map, avoiding Tiberium when ever possible. Move slowly westward, until you come to a huge field of Tiberium Veins.

Once you arrive at the Vein holes, you will come across a peculiar ceremony involving the Holes and about a dozen mindless followers. Once you have been spotted, these zealots will storm toward you, attacking in mass. Target the back row of followers whenever you are attacked.

When you have dispatched the angry followers, have all of your infantry units cross the field of Tiberium Veins, then move southwestward. You will come across a temple at the top of a ridge. Have Ghost Stalker clear the way up to the ridgeline, allowing for the safe passage of your Medic and Archeologist.

Move south once your Archeologist has determined that the first Temple is not the one you are looking for. You will travel up a large land ramp and encounter several enemy units that are much more durable than the zealots you have dealt with in the past. Send Ghost Stalker up the ramp to attract their attention, then lure them down to level ground before you allow Ghost Stalker to take the shot. Now move west again until you come to a large field of blue Tiberium Crystals.

Snaking right through the center of the blue Tiberium field will be a path of green glowing algae. Slowly lead your men down this "Green Carpet" west and then south as the trail of algae turns.

As you come the end of the algae, lead with Ghost Stalker and prepare for a small pack of Tiberium Fiends to attack in mass. Make sure Ghost Stalker is on level ground, then fire at the center of the three Fiends. If done properly, all three should die with the one shot. Move up with your Medic and heal Ghost Stalker, then have your Rail gun-toting pal clear out any other resistance in the area.

When you are sure the area is secure, send the Archaeologist into the Temple to check for the Tacitus. In moments you will discover that this Temple too is a dead end. Move east from the Temple, down a land ramp, with both Ghost Stalker and the Medic in the lead. You will come across two very difficult enemy units that do considerable damage. Have the Medic heal Ghost Stalker while he fights. When you are victorious, have the Medic heal Ghost Stalker completely and then head east until you come to a large field of Tiberium Veins.

Order your Troops north from here, along the ridgeline until you find a ravine heading east. This is the back way to the Temple of the Tacitus. Continue through the ravine, sending your vulnerable Medic and Archaeologist across an unavoidable field of green and blue Tiberium. If you hurry, they should take little to no damage.

You will cross a field of Tiberium Veins and come to the east edge of the map with a land ramp to the south granting access to the final Temple. Have Ghost Stalker head up the ramp just ahead of the Medic, moving slowly westward until you come across a group of zealots surrounding a man in gray. Immediately after killing the Cult Worshippers, take out the Cult Leader.

Now take out the three guards protecting the Temple of the Tacitus, making sure that Ghost Stalker is on the same level as his targets. Move your Archaeologist forward to collect the Tacitus from the final Temple. While the Tacitus is being found, move Ghost Stalker and the Medic north across the Tiberium Veins to face your final challenge.

A trio of Tiberium Fiends should be waiting in ambush near the transport site. Approach these beasties from the south, making sure that there are no obstacles blocking Ghost Stalkers shots. With the help of the Medic, you should be able to defeat these three last opponents, albeit with difficulty. When all resistance around the landing site has been quelled, send your Archaeologist to the landing beacon to win the mission.




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