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GDI - Mission 6 'Escape From CABAL'

Immediately order all but one of your units to run toward the southeast, saving a single Light Infantryman that you will send back to slow the advance of a formidable squad of pursuing Cyborgs. The outpost you are fleeing to is surprisingly close, as is the transport pad you will be evacuating the Doctor from. Send her to the transport beacon immediately, repairing every damaged building as you go.

As soon as Dr. Boudreau is safely onboard the Orca, you will receive an MCV--immediately deploy it. Begin fortifying your base, building all of the structures you will need to both fund and produce Titans, Juggernauts, and Disk Throwers. Make sure to pave your entire base. Be especially careful of cloaked attacks.

Once you have fortified your original base, build up a large army of eight Juggernauts, three MSA's and ten Titans. Slowly begin to push Nod back, using the MSA's to reveal cloaked units and structures.

Target CABAL's core and, once it is destroyed, go on to level every part of CABAL's base. Use your Titans to screen for any Tick Tank or Cyborg attack against your more vulnerable Juggernauts or Artillery. The last important and well-defended structure in CABAL's base is his Construction Yard in the northwest corner of the map. When every Nod structure has been reduced to rubble or captured, you win.




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