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GDI - Mission 7 'The Cyborgs Are Coming'

You begin with a lone Commander to play Paul Revere, running from town to town, warning of the coming danger. You have no choice but to flee to the south, avoiding CABAL patrols whenever you can. Your Commander has absolutely no attack, making stealth and patience your first priorities. Move south, following the road that you come across until you reach a small town about halfway down the map.

Your Commander warns the villagers automatically as he enters the settlement. Continue south through the now heavily armed village keeping your eyes open for a patrolling Reaper.

When the Reaper begins walking on the edge of the Tiberium field to the east, make a run toward the road, keeping to the trees as much as possible. Move west as soon as you clear the area that the Reaper is patrolling. You will soon come across a Mutant village, which you warn as soon as you come even close to it. Cross the bridge and move northwest.

Move cautiously after you cross the bridge. You will find the Hospital CABAL has converted into a Cyborg production facility. Keep close to the river as you move northward. As you follow the river you will eventually come to the last small village. Your final Destination is Tranheim, located to the north.

Tranheim is the largest settlement by far. Liberate it and use the newly acquired Engineer to repair the northern most bridge of the map. This will grant your troops access to the ruins of your fallen GDI base. Spread your Infantry out and attack the Reapers and Tick Tanks located there. With a little skill and perseverance, you should clear out all Reapers and Tick Tanks from your fallen Base.

Order the MCV that was given to you in Tranheim, across the bridge and into your newly liberated base. Build up your base as quickly as possible. Have the extra Harvester given to you by the mutant village snake up along the western bank of the river and join your base using the same bridge as your troops and MCV. Pave your entire base and build a steady flow of Titans to annihilate the frequent assaults.

Build up a large force of Titans and Juggernauts, supported by MSAs to reveal loaked units and structures. Once you have a sizable army, move them west into Tranheim and down toward the Cyborg production facility. Use the Juggernauts long-range fire to take apart the vast army of Cyborgs around the facility, as well as all of its machinery. Use the Titans to screen against Reaper and Tick Tank attacks against your more delicate Juggernauts.

Make sure you have multiple MSAs as you move forward, slowly revealing any hidden CABAL forces. There is nothing especially difficult about destroying the rest of CABAL's bases, which line the southwest and southeast corners of the map. When the last of CABAL's units and structures are destroyed, the mission is a success.




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