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GDI - Mission 8 'Factory Recall'

Ignore the obvious bridge that lies in front of you. Instead, head south to a land ramp that takes you to a lower plateau. Now head west, under the bridge and around a large mesa, winding south as the ridgeline of the mesa turns.

Ignore any Cyborg units you come across. Wait for them to leave the area before moving south along the turning ridgeline. You will soon come to the rear of CABAL's base. Take note of a large holding pen filled to the brim with several Cyborgs and Reavers. Destroy every single unit in the Pen.

When finished, move your Cyborg northeast until you find the Data Network Array. Have your Cyborg enter the Array and upload the Virus--then buckle down. Group your Titans and MRLs to destroy any Cyborg or Reaper as they come into range.

When the threat seems to have been neutralized, move your units northeast, past the rubble of the Data Network Array, destroying every SAM site and Power Plant you come across. Ascend the ridgeline until you reach the top of the horseshoe-shaped mesa. Before you will be a pair of Obelisks of Light. DO NOT FIRE ON THEM. Instead, destroy every Advanced Power Plant around you. When all Power Plants on the mesa have been destroyed, the Obelisks of Light will be rendered inoperable and can be destroyed safely.

Once the area is clear of all threats, an MCV will be air-dropped into the center of the Horseshoe-shaped mesa. Begin building your base immediately. Concentrate on Titans and Juggernauts with a few MRLs for quick mobility in this cramped and claustrophobic map.

Build several MRLs and an Amphibious APC filled with Engineers. Next, construct a relatively large force of Juggernauts and place them on the plateau immediately south east of your base. In conjunction with an MSA to reveal cloaked units and structures, soften up the entire front half of CABAL's base. Your goal is to eliminate all defensive units and structures from the area, while leaving intact all unit producing structures--especially CABAL's War Factory located beside the river.

When the area has been softened up, send in both of your MRLs and your APC. With your Engineers, capture the War Factory, along with any other useful structures nearby. Now begin cranking out Tick Tanks for immediate defense. When you have four Tick Tanks entrenched near the War Factory, concentrate on building Artillery and a few MSAs. Now slowly roll forward, targeting every unit or structure in the base until CABAL's Cyborg Production Facility is nothing but a bad memory. When all units and structures have been eliminated, your mission is a success.




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