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GDI - Mission 9 'Core of the Problem'

Send your Wolverine forward and watch it reduced to smoldering ruin in a single shot. The shot came from the Cyborg Commando. Send the newly acquired EMP Tank forward and activate it when as it comes into range of the Cyborg Commando and his two Cyborg companions. While the trio is incapacitated, group fire on them with the Titans and Wolverines. As soon as the Cyborgs are destroyed, immediately split your forces, sending half across one bridge from the island and half across the other. You will encounter a piece of Artillery on each side--destroy them both.

As soon as the Artillery are destroyed, a MCV accompanied by a pair of Juggernaut Artillery rolls onto the scene. Send it across the bridge and deploy it as soon as possible. In the meantime, send your Titans out to explore the terrain, destroying any piece of Artillery they find. There will be a particularly nasty piece of Artillery up on a high plateau to the north. Use your EMP Cannon to disable the Artillery and then destroy it with your two Juggernauts.

Build up your base as quickly as possible, paving every square inch as soon as funds become available. Build an MSA and keep small groups of Titans patrolling to ward off the placement of stray pieces of Artillery. Add to that at least three EMP Tanks to immobilize the enormous squads of Cyborgs that will regularly attack your base.

Once you have secured your base with at least ten Titans and as many Juggernauts, send a single Wolverine or MRL north to discover a large group of poorly defended Tiberium Refineries and Silos. Build an Amphibious APC and a squad of five Engineers to fill it. Add to that an MSA to detect the numerous stealth units that will be attacking you once you capture these Refineries.

Send your APC, along with several Juggernauts and Titans, to the group of northern Refineries. Take over as many as you can, using the Titans and Juggernauts to dismantle the meager defenses stationed around the area. Fortify this position with additional Titans and Juggernauts, as well as an additional MSA.

Build a group of five to eight MRLs, as well as a new squad of Engineers. Send the MRLs across the water surrounding the island installation in the southwest. Have them first target the four Reapers standing guard--one at a time.

Once the Reapers have been reduced to junk, take out the SAM Sites and punch a hole in the Concrete Walls to give your Engineers access to the goodies inside. With your APC, transport your Engineers to the corner installation and take the first Control Station, as well as all four Missile Silos.

Move a large squad of Titans and Juggernauts toward the Control Station in the northeast corner. Use multiple MSAs to reveal any units or structures that may be hidden by Stealth Generators. Use the Artillery to demolish any Obelisks or Laser Defenses you may encounter. While you are moving northward, build a large fleet of eight to twelve Orca Bombers near your newly acquired row of Tiberium Refineries.

When you reach northeastern island, send a single unit across the bridge toward the Control Station. Use your new Orca Fleet to utterly obliterate the army of walking half men that guard the facility. Have your nearby Juggernaut artillery target any SAM sites that might be taking pot shots at your fly boys. Once the SAMs and Cyborgs have been smoked, send an APC with a squad of Engineers to take everything--especially the second Control Station.

The final Control Station is near the upper central portion of the map. Using a combination of Titans, Juggernauts, and MSAs, roll through the final base. Before you actually send an Engineer into the final Control Station, order a relatively large attack force to the northeastern island. This group should be comprised of Titans, MRLS, and even the Mammoth MKII. When this attack force is in place, send the Engineer in to capture the final piece of the defensive system access codes.

With his Firestorm defenses deactivated, CABAL calls upon his ultimate weapon--The Core Defender. The Defender will move at a leisurely pace toward your nearest base and annihilate it.

Wait for the Defender to begin attacking the base. When the attack begins, order all of the troops you have on the northeastern island toward the CABAL computer core. While they are en route, send your entire fleet of Orca Bombers to take out the two Super Obelisks that have been constructed near CABAL.

When your attack force reaches the CABAL core, hit it with everything you have. When CABAL goes down for the last time, the mission is a success.




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