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GDI Missions
Mission 1: Recover the Tacitus
Mission 2: Party Crashers
Mission 3: Civilian Riots
Mission 4: In the Box
Mission 5: Dogma Day Afternoon
Mission 6: Escape From CABAL
Mission 7: The Cyborgs Are Coming
Mission 8: Factory Recall
Mission 9: Core of the Problem
Nod Missions
Mission: 1 Operation Reboot
Mission: 2 Seeds of Destruction
Mission: 3 Tratos's Final Act
Mission: 4 Mutant Extermination
Mission: 5 Escape From CABAL
Mission: 6 The Needs of the Many
Mission: 7 Determined Retribution
Mission: 8 Harvester Hunter
Mission: 9 Core of the Problem




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