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Nod - Mission 1 'Operation Reboot'

Scout ahead to the south and west with your Scout, making sure to stay on the mesa that your men start on. Head west along the lower edge of the map. Once you approach the southeastern corner of the map, you will come across another land ramp. Lead with your Cyborgs and descend down the mesa.

You will see an Amphibious APC that has crashed into a sinkhole outside of their base. Have the Cyborgs annihilate any resistance en route to the APC and then load one Engineer, your Chameleon Spy, both of your Cyborgs, and one of your Rocket Infantry into the vehicle. Hide all remaining units up on the mesa or in the trees, as they will be vulnerable to patrolling GDI Light Infantry units

With the APC, order you units to the river on the extreme east side of the map. Avoid any GDI units or defenses as you move, following the edge of the map as you travel northward. You will soon come across a large island where the fallen Temple of Nod sits. Move your APC slowly along the coast of the island, until you reach its northeastern edge. There, a land ramp will provide you and your men with access to the island and its Temple.

Use your Cyborgs to destroy any GDI forces on the island and quickly send an Engineer into the Temple to retrieve the Core component. Once it is in your possession, immediately fall back to the APC and return to the Tiberium field in the southeast. Here, your Cyborgs can heal and you can load another Rocket Infantry unit into your APC.

Once your Cyborgs are healed, order all of your units to load back into the APC and return to the island where you found the first Core component. Move northwest across a small bridge, slowly and carefully. There is a Guard Tower stationed at the far end of the bridge. At the base of the Guard Tower is a small stack of barrels and supplies--have your Cyborgs unload out of the APC and fire them. The ensuing explosion will destroy the Guard Tower and allow you to pass undetected. Have your Cyborgs secure the island and collect the second core component before falling back to the APC.

The final Core component is near the northwest corner of the map. Once you have arrived safely, order your APC to move in and unload all of your troops. Use the same tactic on the Guard Tower protecting the final component as you did on the last Tower--aim at the barrels at its base. With the Guard Towers destroyed, collect the final component and fall back to the APC.

A beacon and Subterranean APC have appeared at the starting point of this mission. Following the northern and eastern edges of the map, slowly make your way back to the transport site to complete the mission.




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