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Nod - Mission 2 'Seeds of Destruction'

Scout to the north with your Cyborgs while loading up your Engineers into the APCs. Once you have come across a broken bridge along the east edge of the board, send an Engineer to repair it.

Meanwhile, send your Toxin Troops down the mesa and into the small civilian settlement directly to the west of your starting position. Have your Toxin Troops target the local residents and "persuade" them to help in implementing CABAL's plan.

Once all of the civilians in the first town have been conscripted for your cause, the location of other villages will be revealed to you. Load your Toxin Troops into a pair of Subterranean APCs and order them immediately to the newly revealed settlements. If GDI troops enter the area, pull back, hiding behind buildings or among trees.

Once you have converted the civilians in the northern settlements, a city in the south will be revealed. Take your Subterranean APCs to this new location, again being careful of GDI patrols, and bring more civilians into the fold of the Brotherhood. Keep your units moving underground at all times, searching for stray civilians or civilian structures the hungry beasties may have missed. When all structures are destroyed, the mission is a success.




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