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Nod - Mission 3 'Tratos's Final Act'

Your first priority is reconnoitering the interior of the GDI base. The best way to go is to take a Limpet Mine east, across the waterway and approach from the side. Deploy the Limpet in the middle of the road so that it will attach to a supply truck after it has been checked for bugs. Once the supply truck has been bugged, it will travel through out the GDI base, offering useful information on where to attack later in the mission.

Send another Limpet Mine to the northwest corner of the map. Once you reach the edge of the map, have the Limpet turn eastward until it reaches a lucrative Tiberium Field. Have the Limpet deploy and wait for a Harvester to come stumbling by. Once your Limpet has attached to the GDI Harvester, you will be granted an even more detailed look at the interior of the GDI base.

Finally, send a third Limpet across the waterways to the northeast. Your goal is to find a small island that houses a pair of Power Plants. If your first Limpet is destroyed before finding this important island, send another.

Load a large group of Cyborgs and Rocket infantry and a single Engineer into a pair of APCs. Move these units to the southern most Barracks revealed by the passage of your bugged supply truck. Once your units surface, have the Cyborgs destroy any resistance, while you Engineer moves forward to take the structure.

Move another APC with another Engineer to the main gate island, take over the Power Plant there and sell it. With your last Engineer and a few Rocket Infantry take over the Tiberium Refinery revealed by the Harvester you have attached a Limpet mine to. Now build several new infantry units and Disk Throwers at your captured Barracks.

To the east of the Barracks that you have captured is a pair of Power Plants with an RPG Tower sitting between them. This pair of Power Plants should be completely surrounded by a Concrete Wall. Send your new APC toward the Power Plants, ordering it to surface directly beneath the RPG Tower. You should be safe from attack until you unload. Destroy the Power Plants and Tower as soon as possible. When finished, send you APC back to collect the troops and whisk them to safety.

Now load up a small group of Rocket Infantry and Cyborgs to attack the pair of Power Plants you discovered with your Limpet Mines on the well-fortified island. There should be a Guard Tower watching over these Power Plants. Target the Guard Tower with all units and take it out as quickly as possible. Once all GDI troops have been obliterated, target the Power Plants. When they are rubble, move all surviving troops via the APC to the GDI Barracks you have captured earlier.

Scout to the north with lone Light Infantrymen. You will come across a ridgeline, with a land ramp leading to the top of it. Once you have found this land ramp, send a large group of your surviving Infantry to the northern most point you have revealed, via APC. Unload them and scout northward, looking for the last of the Power Plants you must destroy to deactivate the Firestorm defense system. Once you have found it, annihilate the Power Plant as quickly as possible.

Now that you have destroyed all six GDI Power Plants, the Firestorm defense system guarding Tratos has gone off-line. From the captured Barracks, slowly move a group of your Cyborgs and Light Infantry along the paved road heading northeast. You units will soon discover the location of a pair of MSAs watching over the only entrance into the complex guarding Tratos. Move one of your units closer to the MSAs--very slowly. About halfway toward the two MSAs the interior of the complex guarding Tratos is revealed to you. Creep back and load all of your remaining units into Subterranean APCs.

Send all of your surviving units into the newly revealed complex via APC. Unload all of your men and hit the mutant leader with everything that you have. Once he is silenced, your mission is a success.




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