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Nod - Mission 4 'Mutant Extermination'

Slowly scout north and west from your starting point, following the ridgelines. Once you have found an appropriate site, deploy your MCV and build up your base quickly. You should focus on Tick Tanks to secure the area around your base and Flame Tongues to ward off the approaching advance of mutant infantry.

Attacks, although heavy at times, must always come through the same bottleneck canyon to the northwest of your base. Continue to add more Tick Tanks to your defending army, including several pieces Artillery for heavy support fire. Also build up your economic base, constructing a second Refinery, as well as building addition Harvesters.

Once your defenses are solid, build a small force of Harpies to take out strategically placed mutant Artillery units. Also order you Flame Tongues to attack the mutant infantry units manning outposts to the north of your base. Destroy any structures you find there.

Begin assembling a small army composed primarily of Tick Tanks, Artillery, and a few Flame Tongues. Don't forget to include an MRV. When all pieces of mutant Artillery have been cleared out of the high passes, and every outpost has been burned to the ground, quickly move your army northward, up the middle of the map.

Approach the mutant base from the north, targeting buildings and enemy units with your Artillery, while using your Tick Tanks to repel any counter attacks. If you are rushed by hordes of Infantry, barbecue them with a Flame Tongue. Slowly push the mutants back, obliterating their numerous Laser Turrets and RPG Towers. Once you have found the Tacitus, rush a Tick Tank in to capture the supply truck that carries it. Then order the Tacitus transported to the Drop Zone located back in the safety of your own base.

The rest of the mission is simply to clean up. Make sure that every Mutant structure and units have been laid low and victory is yours.




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