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Nod - Mission 5 'Escape From CABAL'

Soon after you gain battle control over your meager forces, a green indicator box will reveal the location of the communications array. Order all of your troops to the array immediately. While your troops are en route, assign your two Engineers to their own Tactical Group. This will make repairing the array much easier when you finally come to the abandoned airfield.

Your Buggies will lead the way, scouting ahead and arriving at the Airfield long before any of your Infantry units. As soon as the array comes into view, order the Engineers assigned to a Tactical Group to enter and repair the facility. While the Engineers are en route to repair the array, send your two Attack Buggies to wait atop a ridgeline to the south of the abandoned Nod Airfield.

Even with several waiting Cyborg units, at least one of your Engineers always manages to repair the array. Once communications are up, Slavik orders your men to fall back to the Montauk, waiting to the west. Speed toward the command vessel with both of your Buggies. When your Buggies rendezvous with the Montauk, the mission is a success.




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