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Nod - Mission 6 'The Needs of the Many'

Send one Stealth Tank to the extreme northeast corner and another to the extreme northwest. With in moments they will both stop, having discovered a pair of civilian settlements nearby. Immediately order them to continue to the northeast and northwest corners.

As the Stealth Tank heading to the northwest corner progresses, it should pass through a long tunnel near the center of the map. Keep an especially close eye on this Tank. The GDI base is located on the other side of the tunnel.

You will soon come across an undeployed Mobile Sensor Array and a fleet of Orca Bombers. Carefully move eastward, reconnoitering the interior of the GDI base.

To the east lies the Radar Array. Move slightly northward with your Stealth Tank until you come across a series of Power Plants. Beside one of the Power Plants is a small patch of unpaved ground. Load all of your Engineers in the APC and send them toward the patch of unpaved ground within the GDI base.

While the APC is en route, have your remaining Stealth Tanks target civilian structures as well as the local population to attract GDI's attention. While the GDI air force is distracted, have your APC surface inside the GDI base and unload all units. Immediately order every Engineer in toward the Array. At least one always makes it! When you have captured the Radar array, EVA is yours, along with victory.




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