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Nod - Mission 7 'Determined Retribution'

Immediately deploy all of your military units, digging in with the Tick Tanks in front, the Artillery behind. Group fire on the attacking units, redirecting your Artillery fire should one flank of your enemy fall before the other.

As soon as the battle is won, deploy your MCV and build your base up immediately. There is absolutely no time to waste. As soon as possible, begin building additional Tick Tanks and Artillery to add to the forces you already have.

Once your base is fortified, begin building Limpet mines and sending them toward the far corners of the map. You will find the first bridge to the north of your base almost immediately. As soon as funds become available, send an Engineer to repair that bridge.

If you have already secured your base, take the squad of Tick Tanks you receive after repairing the bridge north of your base and send them westward. The second of two bridges that you need to repair is in the southwest corner of the map and is well protected by a large squad of Cyborgs. Once the coast is clear, send in an Engineer to repair the bridge and receive immediate reinforcement.

Begin building several squads of Engineers and Subterranean APCs to carry them. Add to that an expanded Tick Tank and Artillery army. Finally, construct several Mobile Sensor Arrays to detect cloaked units and structures. When you have finished preparing your forces, it is time to deprive CABAL of one of his most potent weapons--the Mufti-Missile.

CABAL's three Missile Silos are located in the northeastern corner of the map. Begin pressing forward, using your Artillery to attack CABAL from a distance, and Tick Tanks to repel any counter attack you may face. Take out all defensive buildings with your Artillery and capture any unit-producing structures with your Engineers.

Once you have captured the Missile Silos, begin scouting westward. You will soon discover several Refineries and Tiberium Silos tucked away near the northern edge of the map. Capture these Refineries with your Engineers and immediately begin building air defenses.

Using your MSAs, continue to reveal CABAL's hidden structures and units. You should be pressing toward the northwest corner of the map. You will finally come to a huge sloping hillside, absolutely bristling with SAM Sites and Laser Turrets. To make matters worse, you will find the devastating Cyborg Commando nestled in the hillside defenses. Concentrate on taking the Commando out first, then moving on to the Laser Turrets, and finally the SAM Sites.

Push onward up the hill face until you reach the Command Station and then send an Engineer in to capture the Station and retrieve the command codes. Once your Engineer has retrieved the codes, the core is left open to direct assault. CABAL's core is in the extreme northwestern corner of the map. Note that now CABAL's Core will be sold and then about 5 Multi Missiles will be targeting you. You will survive though! CABAL will come again in the final mission.




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