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Nod - Mission 8 'Harvester Hunter'

Immediately deploy the Fist of Nod and begin producing Tick Tanks and Artillery units. You want to construct a sizable army, complete with a Mobile Repair Vehicle and a pair of Attack Cycles for scouting.

As soon as you have sufficient forces to defend your base, create a small contingent of five Tick Tanks and three Artillery to send to the northeast corner of the map. Send your "civilian defense force" to the northeast village as soon as it is prepared. When you have successfully defended the civilian settlement, you will be rewarded with much needed reinforcements.

Take your other Attack Cycle and order it north until it reaches a large waterway. Order the Cycle west along the coastline, being especially careful when you reach a dangerous field of Tiberium Veins. If you stay snug against the coastline, you should be able to reach the center of CABAL's Tiberium refining operations. Continue to look around the base, finding the Construction Yard and War Factory.

Once you have reconnoitered the enemy base, send a large group of Tick Tanks and Artillery to the north to the coastline, then west to the edge of the field of Tiberium Veins. Use Waypoints to chart a safe path along the coastline, through the Tiberium Veins, and into the back of CABAL's base. Send your units one at a time along the Waypoint markers until every unit is safely across the Veins.

Now deploy your units and, using Artillery, destroy every defensive structure in the base. Once the base is clean of obstacles, send in your Engineers via an SAPC and take the Construction Yard along with the Tiberium Refineries and Silos.

Build several Harvesters to begin collecting your own Tiberium, all the time targeting any enemy Harvester that you come across. Once you have a steady cash flow, begin producing a large army with your Fist of Nod made up of Tick Tanks, Artillery, and MSAs. When your force is prepared, move this army to the southwest, where you will discover a heavily fortified base. Your priority target should be enemy Harvesters. Once all of CABAL's Harvesters are destroyed, your mission is a success.




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