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Released: 31st October 1996

The world is recovering from the most brutal war so far in history, World War II.
German scientist Albert Einstein goes back in time to 1924 to eliminate Hitler when he is still young to stop the progression of events which lead to the war.
Unfortunately, Einstein did not think about the consequences, although he did have some doubts after he performed the deed. Without Hitler and Germany to keep Russia in check, Stalin's Soviet Union expanded and developed it's military powers. Until one day they launched a massive attack on the free world the likes of which had never been seen before, even larger than WWII!

So now the freedom of the world is under threat, can the combined forces of all Non-Soviet countries stop the Red Menace from engulfing the world or is everyone doomed to be ruled by communism? The words or Einstein ring true, "Time Will Tell".

The game features thirty new units and structures to choose from including MIGS, Spies, Destroyers, Submarines and more, over 40 missions to play and dozens of multiplayer maps which are twice the size of Tib Dawn!

Command & Conquer Red Alert was developed by Westwood Studios in Las Vegas.




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