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Allies - Mission 12

At the start you'll have two MCVs. Deploy both of them. Get your base up and running, and build two refineries early on. Explore with one of your light tanks. There's a mammoth tank patrol to the east and north Make note of their resting locations, and mine them. Get a tech center up to see where the enemy ore truck is. Build six helipads and destroy the ore truck. Use rocket infantry as anti-aircraft batteries.

Assault the base with a task force of medium tanks. Don't destroy the subpen; infiltrate it with a spy since we need a sonar pulse. Capture the construction yard and weapons factory. The enemy base on the other side of the river will start construction. Destroy their ore trucks with your helicopters.

Make some V2 rocket launchers to take out the Tesla coils on the island. Break a whole in the concrete wall on the coastal side of the base, and send your tanks through to the northern section of your land mass and destroy the power stations. Create a naval yard and make a transport. If submarines attack the naval yard, destroy them with V2 rocket launchers and helicopters. Land V2 rocket launchers on the Tesla coil island and get rid of the SAM sites.

Fire the sonar pulse. The V2 rocket launcher should take out some of the submarines nearby. To get the others, use your transport as a decoy to make the subs surface, and blast them from the sky with helicopters.

Friendly naval power will arrive and if you've destroyed all the subs, your mission will be accomplished.




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