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Allies - Mission 13

Deploy the MCV near where you land. Stick a camo pillbox as far to the north-east of your base as you can. Use the jeep to scout to the east. When you see the mammoth tank, turn around. Scout east, and north, shooting any dogs you come across. Retreat at the first sign of enemy armor.

A mammoth tank will move towards your base, followed by a civilian. Shoot the civilian before it drops a signal flare. The mammoth tank will go invulnerable, and try to attack your ore trucks. Drive the trucks around in circles until the invulnerability wears off, and then kill the mammoth with your medium and light tanks.

Expand your base, and put camo pillboxes in your extreme corners. Push the spy north through the center, and follow the river crossing east past the Tesla coil into the enemy base. Follow the coastline and infiltrate the enemy subpen.

When your GPS satellite goes up, you'll see two bases, one on the left, and one on the right. The base on the right has an ore truck that is using a northern ore deposit. Send six Longbow helicopters after the ore truck and destroy it.

Mine the road that leads through the village. The enemy will almost always use roads, and if you can kill those mammoth tanks with mines before it has a chance to go invulnerable, more power to you.

Now, the base on the left side will start ore refining. To avoid the SAM fire when attacking the trucks, send your helicopters to a place near the west edge of the map before commanding them to attack. With those ore trucks out of action, the computer will stop building things, and you can finish the mission by sniping at your targets with helicopters to weaken their base defenses so you can roll in your engineer-laden APCs and tanks.




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