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Allies - Mission 15

Move Tanya and the thieves down to protect them from the barrel explosion, then move them up to protect them from the other barrel explosion. Shoot all the infantry while you move west. When you hit the coast, move north into the base. Destroy the small power stations. Shoot at the delivery van with Tanya's pistol. If it runs away, go back south the way you came and cut it off and the river crossing. Shoot at it some more, and it will explode, revealing a crate full of money.

Don't pick it up yet. Go back up, and destroy the large power plants. Move the thieves into the ore silos and steal their money. Reinforcements will arrive. Deploy the MCV where you see the signal flare.

Like in the previous missions, the Soviets will send invulnerable mammoth tanks at you. These tanks travel in a predictable path to get to your base, so by mining their paths, you'll pre-empt this particular threat. Rocket infantry will protect you from planes. Back them up with some AA guns around your power stations. Find the enemy ore truck once the GPS is launched. Build six helicopter pads, and destroy the ore truck. Without the ore truck, the enemy will stop sending units at you. When the ore truck of the southern base is destroyed, the eastern base will start sending out its trucks. Their ore fields have no SAM cover, so destroying them shouldn't be a problem.

Construct a naval yard and build a cruiser. To extend your base to the water, build a chain of barracks building until you hit the coast. Put up some anti-air defenses by the naval yard. The chronosphere can move units from one place to another for a limited amount of time. Chronoshift the cruiser into the lake by the southern base, and tear their buildings to shreds. If the cruiser guns overshoot, force attack on a game square that is slightly above the building to correct it.

Repeat until they give up and sell all the buildings. Next, chronoshift the cruiser into the small lake in the bottom left corner and shell the airstrips and power stations to the north.

Send your helicopters on SAM site busting missions. You'll lose a helicopter in the process, but that's what money is for. With the SAM sites gone, you can destroy the power stations at your leisure to silence the Tesla coils, then your tank groups in for the kill.




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