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Allies - Mission 2

Move packs of infantry to the south, south west, and north-west of your construction yard to defend against enemy troops. You get reinforcements each time you construct a major building. The kind of base you build is important, because you have to use the base you build now in a future mission. Build two pillboxes up by the ore field in the north, and another two pillboxes in the south and west of your base.

Group your vehicles together and follow the road south. Use concentrated fire in killing the opposition, and kill the grenadiers first. You'll find the enemy ore truck in the south west corner. If you destroy it, the enemy won't have enough money to make any more reinforcements.

Move your pack of Jeeps into the enemy base. Kill the grenadiers, infantry, and dogs then get back on the road and continue your trek north to kill the units guarding the pass. Afterwards, go back to the enemy base and destroy the buildings. Your convoy will automatically arrive when all of the opposition is killed or destroyed.




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