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Allies - Mission 3

Immediately tell the medic being shot to move north. Send Tanya down to kill the enemy soldier attacking him, then shoot any soldiers trying to kill Tanya. Tanya will never fire a weapon in defense of herself, but as long as you keep squeezing her trigger finger, she'll keep firing. Heal her with the medic if she's damaged.

Move to the west, and curve south, shooting the enemy along the way. If you can land an artillery shell on the transport that drops off the troops, you can wipe them out en masse. Keep trekking southwards until you get to the enemy base. Let Tanya pick off the soldiers one by one as your artillery pounds the flame turret. This base here is not your objective, so you just want to kill all the enemy infantry.

Move east around the base, and swing northwards. Shoot any barrels you see. A V2 rocket launcher will take a pot-shot at you, but probably miss. Shoot the barrels nearby to take it out.

Take out the first bridge. There are enemy soldiers hiding behind the trees, so proceed carefully. Shoot the barrels by the bridge at the top of the screen and you'll destroy it. If Tanya gets herself stuck on an island, your artillery unit can destroy any bridges that remain.




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