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Soviet - Mission 10

Destroy the enemy tanks with concentrated tank fire. The convoy trucks will always follow the closest unit. Since we want them to be safe, leave one tank behind as a shepherd to keep the flock out of trouble.

Kill rifle infantry with Yaks. Kill rocket infantry by running over them with your tanks. Kill other vehicles by picking on them with concentrated tank fire. Kill AA guns with tanks. Kill turrets with MiGs.

Kill ships with a combination of MiGs and tanks. Destroy barrels with anything that is convenient. Use the spy plane to uncover your surroundings screen by screen. If you lose a Yak, replace it with a MiG. Two Yaks and three MiGs seems to work best on this level.

Shoot the barrels by the radar dome to destroy the AA gun, then destroy the turret from the air. Proceed west through the trees, and squish the rocket infantry who attempt to ambush you. Keep heading west until you see an AA gun on a plateau. Destroy it, and head south past the barrels. Don't stop to fire at the turret. Once in the clearing to the south, destroy the southern AA gun. Shoot the barrels leading up to the central AA gun to destroy it.

Three friendly engineers will airdrop. Move them to the enemy base and capture the repair bay and the construction yard. Destroy the ship to the south, and destroy the ship in the north You can now repair your aircraft without fear of being shot down.

Keep going west. Destroy the barrels on the southern plateau. Use a Yak to destroy the barrels on the northern plateau. Continue west. Destroy the tank, squish over the rocket infantry. Blow a hole through the concrete barrier. If you now move your "shepherd" tank to the far west, the convoy will follow. The mission will end when the convoy trucks make it to the western edge of the map.




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