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Soviet - Mission 12

Save the V2 rocket launcher at all costs. Kill the enemy vehicles with your armor, and destroy the turrets with the V2 launcher. Set up your base. To begin with, put up a weapons factory, barracks, and a repair bay. Send some of your leftover grenadiers exploring. If one of them attracts the attention of an enemy helicopter, lead it to the mammoth tank. Snipe at the tanks and men in the southern valley with the V2. Make some heavy tanks.

Watch out for a chopper landing in the northern area of the base at the same time of an enemy tank attack. Your V2 can take out the chopper, and your armor can deal with the tanks. A thief incursion is possible at this point. Kill them with the mammoth. Move your tanks to the ore field just east of the base. Ambush the mine layer as the transport delivers it. Speaking of mines, there are some mines south and to the west of the ore field fencing.

Kill all the tanks and men on this side of the island. Five tanks from the enemy base will attack under the shadow of a mobile gap generator. In combat, you'll catch glimpses of the enemy units. Remember to concentrate your fire, and you'll have no problem with this.

Capture the Allied tech center in the south-west. You'll get a GPS map that will show everything. Take over the allied base in this sector using the V2's to remove gun emplacements, and using the tanks to project your might. Capture the weapons factory and construction yard, but only after you've sunk the cruisers. Hind choppers are best for this because they won't fly over AA on the other island. Drop some paratroopers over the power plants to silence the AA guns.

Clean up the lake of naval units. Fill the transports with five mammoth tanks, five heavy tanks, three V2s, and two APCs loaded with engineers. Unload the transports on the south shore. When the beach head is secured, use the V2's to destroy all the turrets and pillboxes.

Capture the three tech centers to complete your mission.




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