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Soviet - Mission 4

We're going to do this one slightly differently. Move your units west until you get to the village. Deploy the MCV along the road that stretches to the bottom corner of the map. Build your base with a power plant first, followed by a barracks and a refinery. You're surrounded by minerals, and there's not much space to build buildings, but as you gather ore, the real estate will open up.

Dogs make good border guards if you put them near your perimeter. They'll die in the crossfire if you mix them up with your normal infantry. Build an airstrip. Send a spy plane to an area at the very top of the screen, aligned vertically with the first river crossing, counting from the west. See that radar dome? You've got to take it out. When your paratroopers are ready, drop them next to the radar dome and destroy it.

The one major strength of the Soviets is armor, so take advantage of it by building as many heavy tanks as you can afford. Send your armor north from the gap generator and destroy the ore truck and refinery. Stay out of reach of the turrets, but destroy any tanks and jeeps that you see. Destroy the weapons factory also. With unit production crippled, the enemy will lie still. Build more armor and finish them all off.




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