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Soviet - Mission 5

Set up your base just south of the road. Get a radar dome up as soon as you can. Scout to the north with one of your rifle infantry, and see if you can drag the bad guys down to your turf. Pump out some tanks. Move them into the ore fields in the north and destroy the enemy ore truck. Retreat back to your base where your infantry can help destroy the remaining "rescue" force.

Build three V2 launchers, and use them to take out enemy turrets. Keep a squad of infantry close, and follow them with your tanks. Capture the Allied construction yard, and radar dome, but don't touch the refinery or any of the barrels.

Build six airstrips and Yaks to go with them. Use the spy plane to reveal portions of the middle island. You're looking for the enemy refinery. When you find it, strafe it with your Yaks to destroy it. Pick off the units on the island one by one by air assault, or build a naval yard to bombard them from the coast with gunboats. If you do this, you'll need to get rid of the enemy destroyer cover with submarines. The mission ends when every last soldier on the middle island is dead.




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