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Soviet - Mission 7

Run for it! Move all your men down the east passageway. When you reach the end, light the barrels and give them a taste of their own barbecue. Head past a guarded control room to the west, and turn south. There's a pillbox with a barrel fuse and a bunch of dogs wagging their tails. Light the barrels to free the pups from the pound.

Split the dogs into four groups of roughly even size. Attack the control room guards and kill them all. Move a soldier onto the control panel plates to destroy the flame turrets.

Head west, but stop before you get a bunch of barrels. A pair of rocket infantry will fire on the barrels, hoping to catch you in the blaze, but they will have no such luck. Unleash the dogs on them. Continue moving through the corridor, shooting the barrels you come across. It will widen up into a large area full of more barrels. Stand back. Chase after the enemy soldier and kill him. Move further towards the engineers and kill their lone guard.

Move one engineer onto each computer terminal. Some flame turrets will pop out of the ground and fry the Allied intelligence team. Move your remaining engineer to the core computer terminal to end your mission.




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