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Soviet - Mission 8

This is a difficult mission. Quickly build a barracks and place it somewhere. The enemy will disperse. If a few still linger around, a couple rifle infantry will silence them. Construct a refinery. Build a war factory, and pump four or five heavy tanks.

You'll get several shipments of infantry reinforcements. Put the flame infantry in front of the rifle infantry, and pay attention to that manufacturer's label that says "This side towards enemy". Explore the coastline with a transport.

Ore is going to be a problem soon. First, deal with the civilians who keep popping flares to signal enemy transports by killing the civvies. Move your tanks north to the large ore fields. Destroy the mine layers before they lay mines, or you'll wish that you had later. Rush back down to your base and defend against marauding jeeps.

Capture the tan enemy's power station and build a barracks and refinery up there. Roll out big numbers of heavy tanks and go after the enemy ore trucks. If you don't kill those ore trucks, it's impossible to win.

Use hit and run tactics to slowly deplete the enemy reserve of vehicles. When it's time to assault the base, use the V2's to take out the turrets and pillboxes. Your mission will end when everything is destroyed.




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