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GDI - Mission 12 'Rescue Prisoners'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Locate the prison.
  • Objective 2: Free and evacuate all 10 prisoners.

Follow Umagon's suggestion and head north. Three buggies will quickly find you, so try to have your infantry units in front to absorb the damage. Turn towards the east and find a mutant building. Send Umagon to the building, and Ghoststalker and a mutant hijacker will join you.

At regular intervals, NOD will send three cyborgs to hunt your group. Always try to have Umagon or Ghoststalker take the damage while the medic stands behind them. Use the other infantry units for support.

Traveling east along the northern edge of the map, you will eventually run into a civilian city. In the southwestern corner of the city is a building called the ``highrise hotel.'' The hotel is the structure producing the cyborgs, so if you destroy it, you will not be hunted any more. A ways east of the hotel is an artillery unit, so immediately head back north and skirt along the edge of the map until you arrive at the bridge leading to the prison compound.

There is only one laser guarding the gate to the prison, and the titans can make short work of it. If you've lost the titans while fighting cyborgs, then use Ghoststalker to blow the laser up, and then heal him with the medic.

There are almost no defenses inside the prison, so once you get inside, destroy the gate penning in the prisoners and watch them head north to a landing field. Once you destroy the four SAM sites in the prison, a transport will come to pick up the prisoners, and you will have finished the mission.




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