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GDI - Mission 13 'Destroy Chemical Supply'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy all NOD forces

You start in the southwest corner of the map. Start moving your troops east. You will encounter some stealth tanks. I don't like disruptor tanks very much, so I let them take the lead and also take the damage. Use the hover tanks and mutants in support. Eventually you will arrive at a NOD mini-base. It only has a single laser for defense, so destroy it quickly.

Keep moving east, and then take the ramp to the south. You can build your base on the plateau. Get credits coming in quickly; NOD will use chemical missiles in this mission, and they are a pain, so you want to stop them as soon as possible. Don't worry too much about component towers; NOD will usually target them with missiles, and they won't last.

Build up a small attack force of 4 wolverines and 4 titans, and move them along with the mutants up the eastern side of the map. Leave the hover tanks and the disruptor tanks behind for defense. NOD might try to sneak in some engineers or flame tanks, and you need to be prepared.

When your attack force reaches a bend in the road, head west. It will encounter a lightly guarded gate that shouldn't pose much of a problem. Beyond that gate, however, is a second gate, and that gate has an obelisk and artillery for defense. But it has no SAM sites, so train some jump jet infantry and have them destroy as much of the gate's defenses as possible. Then use your wolverines and titans to mop up. NOD's only two missile silos are just beyond the gate, and once you destroy them, you won't have to worry about missiles any more.

The main NOD base is to the southwest of the second gate. Reinforce your original attack force with more wolverines and titans, and try to capture a nearby enemy structure so you can create your own nearby barracks or war factory. Skirt along the edge of the base, and you will come to its power grid. Destroy the power plants, and the base's defending obelisk will be shut down. From there you should have no problem finishing the base.

There is also a bridge north of the NOD base. Sending any unit across the bridge will reveal a train station. Ghoststalker will appear and you will receive a new objective to get Ghoststalker aboard the train. By this time there shouldn't be any NOD units around to stop him, so simply walk him to the train and finish the mission.




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