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GDI - Mission 15 'Destroy Chemical Missile Plant'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy all NOD forces.

Move your troops east and set up your base east of the blue patch of tiberium. Set up your base, but don't worry too much about exploring. When the mutants disable part of NOD's power output, several obelisks will go off-line, and then it will be safer to travel.

There will be chemical missile attacks again, and NOD won't send very many attacks your way, so don't spend a lot of time or energy on component towers. Get two or three harvesters going, and start producing titans, wolverines, and jump jet infantry.

When the timer goes off, send an attack force east. It will hit a wall of defenses with the powered down obelisks. To the east of the wall is a plateau with artillery on it. Send the jump jet infantry to take care of them, and then use the wolverines and titans to mop up. There is a stealth generator here. Capture it and also capture the power plant on the plateau, and then create an attack base complete with barracks and war factory.

The main NOD base is hidden with several stealth generators. Use the mobile sensor array so you can see what is going on. There will be a variety of obelisks, lasers, and troops in the base, but you should be able to whittle away at the defenses without problem.

There are several helipads with banshees in the southeast corner of the map, but for whatever reason, NOD didn't use the banshees very much. A single SAM tower is enough to defend your main base and your attack base. The mission ends when every NOD unit and structure has been destroyed.




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