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GDI - Mission 16 'Destroy Prototype Facility'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy all NOD forces.

This is the northen most mission choice.

You start out in the southeast corner with your old friends Umagon, Ghoststalker, and the mutant hijacker. There are also three other mutants, but they aren't important. Send them to the northeastern corner and let them explore while you concentrate on the other units. They won't run into any NOD forces.

Move Umagon, Ghoststalker, and the hijacker in a generally northwestern direction. You'll find a small NOD base. Inside the base is a subterranean APC that the hijacker can steal. If you want it, use the western entrance and send in Ghoststalker first to eliminate the defending infantry. The cyborgs won't budge, so ignore them. Then send in the hijacker. He'll get hit by a laser twice, but that's ok because he'll be spending the rest of the mission inside the APC.

Leave the area of the base and head north. You should come across a pair of banshees flying in circles. They'll ignore you, so feel free to ignore them back. Head west along the northern edge of the map, and then shoot the plateau wall in the northwest corner. Go up the ramp and then head south. You'll end up behind the main NOD base, in view of the production facility.

With the base in view, you'll receive reinforcements: and MCV, some hover tanks, and a titan. Move the MCV north to the northeastern corner of the map and deploy your base there. You will receive a Mammoth Mk. II at this point. Send it north to help with the defense of your base. It is pretty lethal with a gun similar to Ghoststalker's.

The small NOD base you saw before is just to the southwest of your base location, and you can send in the hover tanks to finish it off. Nothing there has any range, and so the hover tanks shouldn't even take a hit. You can also steal the buildings, but that is probably more trouble than it is worth.

Get your base going. There is a plateau wall to the west of your base that you can shoot, but if you leave it alone, then all NOD attacks will come from the south. Just line up Umagon, Ghoststalker, and the mammoth south of your base, and nothing will get through. The only two things you have to be worried about are subterranean attacks and artillery attacks. So keep some other units around for those cases.

Once you have an attack force ready, head south to the southeastern corner, and then head west. The NOD base is hidden by stealth generators, so bring along a mobile sensor array. Probe the defenses to find an obelisk, and then send in jump jet infantry to destroy it. Now you can pummel the base with wolverines and titans. Save the stealth generator, though, and use an engineer to capture it. You can create a small attack base here, and use it as a rallying point.

From this point on, the mission is pretty standard. You just need to destroy all NOD forces, and you can do that pretty easily by pounding away with wolverines and titans. If you have problems, note that the NOD harvester uses the tiberium patch south of your attack base. Kill it to take away NOD's credit supply, and then NOD will be at your mercy.




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