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GDI - Mission 2 'Secure the Region'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy SAM sites to make way for evacuation.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all NOD forces.

Watch the two transport ships get destroyed by SAM sites. They were heading for the civilian town, so now you know the general direction in which it lies.

Deploy the MCV where it stops, and then build your base. For some reason, the radar installation is not available, but this is not really a problem because your base will be small, and NOD will only attack from one location.

After building a war factory, construct some wolverines and go exploring. It is easier to use wolverines instead of infantry because of all of the tiberium near your base. Besides the two obvious SAM sites to the east of your base, there is another to the north. Destroy them and then move your wolverines south until they reach an east-west road. Follow it east until you come to an isthmus connecting your island to the NOD island. All NOD attacks will go through this isthmus, so you can stop them cold with a few wolverines here.

Once you have enough wolverines to attack -- 10 should be enough -- move across the isthmus and destroy the two SAM sites you come across. Then heading north will bring you to the civilian town. West of the town is the tiberium patch the NOD harvester uses, and you can take the opportunity to destroy the harvester and deprive NOD of extra credits.

There are two more SAM sites north of the civilian town, and once you destroy them, GDI will be able to rescue the significant civilian population. That's right, all three people. Once the civilians are saved, just march your wolverines directly into the NOD base and destroy everything in sight.




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