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GDI - Mission 4 'Secure Crash Site'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Locate the crash site.
  • Objective 2: Capture the NOD technology center.

You start out in the southwestern corner of the map. Move the MCV a little to the south before deploying. This will give you more room for your perimeter defense.

Your two wolverines and two titans will be enough to handle all initial attacks, so build your base first and worry about putting up vulcan cannon later. You should put the tiberium refinery on the eastern side of your base, right next to the tiberium patch.

Most NOD attacks will come from the northeast. If you put your wolverines and titan north of the tiberium patch, you will head off most of them before they get to your base.

Once you have 4 or 5 wolverines and titans, head north. There is a small NOD base near the center of the map. It is guarded by twin laser towers, but titans have a longer range, so use them to destroy the lasers. Camp your units there for a bit and train three engineers. Have the engineers capture the two power stations and the hand of NOD, and then build another war factory here. Now you have a rally point much closer to the action.

The crash site is through the southeastern gate of your new base. Once you have destroyed the two tick tanks protecting the alien ship, you will have secured the area.

Leave the crash area and head for the main NOD base. It is located over the bridge just to the east of your second base. It will be guarded by some tick tanks, attack cycles, and infantry, but they should be no match for your titans and wolverines. The technology center is near the entrance to the base. Just send in an engineer to finish the mission.




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