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GDI - Mission 5 'Defend Crash Site'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Defend the alien crash site

The timer does not measure how long you have to defend the crash site (although it is close); it measures how long the ion storm will last. When the timer runs out, you will receive reinforcements in the form of titans and wolverines.

Never move your troops out of your defended base. Near the start, NOD rocket infantry will target a power plant and your radar installation. There is nothing you can do about this. Just sell the buildings and use the extra money to train more troops. Even with one power plant gone, you will still have enough energy to run your base.

Most of the attacks will come from the north, so put the majority of your troops there. Do not let any of your vulcan cannon get destroyed. If necessary, move your troops outside slightly to distract and attack NOD forces.

About a third of the way through the timer, NOD will sneak some units into your base using subterranean APC's. One APC will go the western side of the UFO and one will go to the eastern side. Have some troops waiting around in those spots to welcome NOD to your base.

Train a couple of medics, and use waypoints so one can heal the infantry at the northern entrance and the other can heal the infantry at the southern entrance. With most of the remaining money -- leave some for repairing your vulcan cannon -- train some more infantry. With the number of troops you now have at your disposal, defending your base should not be a problem.




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