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GDI - Mission 6 'Destroy Radar Array'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Defend the alien crash site

This is the western most mission choice

Let the computer control your initial reinforcements. They will kill the two NOD infantry on their own, and then be healed by the medic. The way south leads to a dead end, so head east. Let your infantry units lead the way since they can be healed.

Eventually, you will come to a patch of tiberium with fiends in it. Do not attack the fiends unless you want the mission to end quickly. I played this mission twice: both times NOD infantry attacked the fiends, but only one time did the fiends attack NOD forces back. If the fiends help, they'll destroy a couple of lasers for you. Otherwise, you'll have to take out the lasers yourself.

NW relay station: There are submerged APC's with infantry surrounding the relay station, so be prepared. Also, when you attack the station, NOD will send several infantry and cyborgs at you, so watch for that as well. Once the relay station is gone, you will get some reinforcements.

South relay station: There is nothing special about this station, except that the entrance is ``guarded'' by a tiberium vein. Infantry can pass unmolested, but titans will take damage. There is also a NOD base to the east of this station, but you can ignore it. Destroying this station results in reinforcements as well.

Radar array: South of the remaining relay station is a tunnel. Taking the tunnel leads up to the radar array. There are some lasers, cyborgs, and tick tanks guarding the area, but with all the firepower you should have by this point destroying everything in sight should not be a problem.

NE relay station: After destroying the radar station, head east, destroy a gate and some lasers, and then destroy the relay station. End of mission.




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